Pain From a C Section – Hematoma Possible?

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C Section Pain from HematomaIf you are experiencing pain or complications from a cesarean section (c section), you are not alone.

It takes nearly 4 weeks for a c section to heal. It is common to have pains in the incision area for up to twelve months.

Many women suffer from sharp stabbing pains in the the lower abdomen post surgery, but they often diminish with time.

Sometimes you can get scarring, adhesion’s, and fibroids which may cause pain in the area of the c-section operation.

It is possible to get hematomas in this stomach region after surgery.

Video Player: C Sections and Hematomas

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Preventing C Section Pain

You should be in the hospital for up to three days after a c section, so take it easy, and don’t rush things. You will be asked and should start walking a little soon the day after surgery.  Try and increase your stamina a little every day – take the slow steady path.

  1. Do not participate in strenuous activities for 6 weeks or until your doctor gives the go ahead
  2. It is ok to shower but dry off wound area quickly after washing
  3. Since you will have some bleeding, Use sanitary pads and not tampons until your doctor gives the go ahead
  4. Eat your normal Diet – perhaps adding some fiber
  5. Drink lots of liquids as usual
  6. Sex?  Wait awhile and talk to your Physician about this sensitive matter

Long Term C Section Risks including Hematoma After C Section

Some women have been known to have Hematoma’s years after a c-section.  This can feel like a knife slicing into you, and ofter requires draining to heal.

Also, ask your doctor about:

  1. Allergic reactions to anastesia during c section
  2. Vomiting during a c-section
  3. Bleeding after c-section
  4. Recovery Time after c section

Avoiding C-Section is Best Way to Avoid Long Term C Section Pain

Natural birth, while it might appear painful, is gods natural way of delivering children into this world.  Trying to avoid that pain up front, could lead to long term issues like a Hematoma After C Section.  There are ways to naturally prepare and control yourself during labor.

This can often be a tough decision for a women.

Just remember, you are not alone – all life before us has been born in the same way.  I like to recommend a good mid-wife or Doula ( someone who provides non-medical support to women and family before, during and after childbirth.  This kind of help can prevent C section pain.

C Section Pain Video Library

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