Post Surgical Hematoma | Hematoma After Surgery

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What is a Post Surgical Hematoma?

A Post Surgical Hematoma is a pocket of blood that gathers in a post-surgical site. Often times it is a necessity to drain a hematoma.

While it is very undesirable, it is usually non-life threatening.

Let’s learn more, but feel free to join the conversation, and add your own experiences with post surgical Hematoma’s.

Before completing a procedure, a surgeon makes sure that all bleeding vessels are closed and cauterized before closing a wound.

If the cauterization fails, it allows vessels to bleed and create a resevoir of blood surrounding the site of the operation, causing a hematoma after surgery. You can see many examples in the videos below.

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Learn more about post surgical hematoma complications.

Hematoma’s After Surgery Can Include:

  1. Scrotal Hematoma
  2. Face-Lift Hematoma after plastic surgery procedure
  3. Hematoma after c-section and c-section pain
  4. Vaginal Hematoma – often from giving birth
  5. Hematoma from a tummy tuck
  6. Hematoma after Pace Maker Insertion
  7. Breast Hematoma after breast augmentation
  8. Hematoma After Pacemaker Operation
  9. Perianal Hematoma
  10. Craniotomy Hematoma

Doctor Not Draining Hematoma?

If your Doctor is resisting draining your Hematoma, it is probably for a reason. What should you do to reduce the pain? Visit our comment section on not draining a Hematoma to learn more.

Open Hematoma Clinical Trials

Interested in participating in a clinical trial? Check out our new Hematoma Clinical Trials listings.

The Following may Increase the Risk for a Hematoma After Surgery:

  1. Recurrent falls
  2. Repeated head injuries
  3. Anticoagulant medication (blood thinners, including aspirin)
  4. Old age
Taking aspirin and other over the counter blood thinners prior to surgury, can increase the likelihood of a hematoma.  Talk to your doctor first, but we recommend avoiding aspirin to prevent a hematoma after surgery.

See this blog about a disabled person struggling with a Hematoma.

Post Surgical Hematoma’s usually dissolve within 48 hours

More complicated hematomas may require additional surgery by re-opening the wound to drain the resevoir of blood and clamping down on the bleeding vessels.

Post Surgical Hematoma
Post Surgical Hematoma

7 Replies to “Post Surgical Hematoma | Hematoma After Surgery”

  1. This site is dedicated to the publication and description of patented, medical devices and processes that target reducing, eliminating or improving post surgical hematoma.

  2. Please tell me how my large very large hematoma on my forehead should have been drained after a forehead lift that I had done out of the USA. Big mistake. Gauze was also left and slipped down into my forhead area where the hematoma was. Please if you will explain how this should have been taken care of? I could barely get any help in NC. PS didn’t care to help because I had left the country. Thanks you for any input you will have.

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  4. I have a hematoma under my incision after discetomy. Dr. doesn’t want to “drain”. It is killing me. Any suggestions? I have used heat, massage, etc. This is more painful and annoying than the actual surgery. What can I do to dissolve it. It’s unbearable. Can’t sleep, can’t have anything touch my back, etc. Help!

  5. A lot of doctors seem to be not draining Hematoma’s for fear of making the site worse. The problem is, many of the doctors do not seem to be offering any other alternative to the uncomfortable feeling that an undrained Hematoma can present.

    Most often, RICE is recommended, (rest, ice, compression, elevation), if you have a soft tissue Hematoma.

    You probably hate to hear it, but high dosages of Ibuprofen is probably your best bet. It does not conflict with any other drugs, and gets the job done. Try the Ice and Ibuprofen.

  6. I had a full hysterectomy with a bilateral ophedectomy on the 15th of Sept.2011.It is now July 2012 and this morning I woke up full of blood.I went to the emergency department to be told that I had a post op hemo.
    Is that possible?..its been ten months…have had no symptoms…it came through the original incision.and they did nothing…not even clean it up.Just told me to watch for infection..and fever.Come back if it gets worse.
    I also noticed that the area has turned dark..almost black where the incision came open.
    Any answers?

  7. I got a post op hematoma after laprascopic super surgical hysterectomy. It’s 9cm.
    It’s been a week and a half and the dr says options are to wait and let it absorb back
    Back into the body or have it surgically withdrawn. Trying to find out any info on this
    That might help me to better understand what to expect. I’m 46 and I’ve had RA for over 20 years.

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