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Perianal Hematoma | Hemorrhoid or Hematoma? | Ouch That Hurts!

Ouch That Hurts! But What is it? What is a Fistula? In many cases a perianal hematoma is misdiagnosed as an external hemorrhoid. Do you know the difference between a perianal hematoma and an external hemorrhoid? If you are unsure, you should really visit a physician – hemorrhoids and hematoma’s can have very similar symptoms, and can be difficult to diagnose. Hemorrhoids and Hematoma’s are not the same two conditions and do not call for the same treatment A hemorrhoid is a vein that has enlarged and taken some of the surrounding tissue with it A perianal hematoma occurs when Continue Reading This Post Surgical Hematoma Post

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Plastic Surgery and Hematomas | Face Lift Complications

Complications From Plastic Surgery The complications of cosmetic surgery are many. Hematoma’s can occur in three percent of all facial plastic surgeries. A tender, raised area filled with fluid can indicate Hematoma even if you can’t see any blood. If necessary, the doctor can drain a small hematoma with a needle. Large, spreading hematomas require your doctor’s immediate attention in order to prevent tissue damage. Find the right Surgeon to Prevent a Hematoma after a Face-Lift or Plastic Surgery We suggest that you find surgeon that can prevent complications of cosmetic surgery: Monitors bleeding during the surgery Uses techniques that make Continue Reading This Post Surgical Hematoma Post

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Scrotal Hematoma Complications | Living with Scrotal Hematoma

Living With A Testicular Hematoma Hi 6 months ago I was hit in the testicles by a soccer ball and formed a tennis ball size scrotal hematoma. because there was no circulation blockage to the testicles the doctor told me I should let it heal on its own. He also told me it could take 4-6 months to heal. Well it has been 6 months and for the past 2 months the hematoma is now the size of a golf ball and I have seen no progress of the testicle getting smaller.  Is it possible I require a surgical removal? or Continue Reading This Post Surgical Hematoma Post

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