Subdural Hematoma Complications

My 49 year old brother with down’s syndrome had evacuation of a subdural hematoma 8 weeks ago. He continues to have periods of extreme weakness and screaming episodes. His follow-up CT is negative for changes. I have heard so many different stories about how long his recovery will take.

When he first came home he was functioning better than he is now. Currently, he is unable to take care of any hygiene needs, dress himself or even feed himself. He was able to do all these things before. What expectations should I have regarding his recovery knowing his course will be different from the average man his age?

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  1. Hi,
    Degree and rate of recovery from subdural hematoma surgery varies from patient to patient, depending upon the severity of the subdural hematoma and how quickly it was discovered and treated. Mostly adults recover within six months. Complications may occur during surgery which may be long lasting. Seizure is a common long-term complication. Some other complications associated with surgery are swelling of the brain, infection, seizures, memory loss, headache, difficulty concentrating, and chronic Subdural hematoma. In some of the cases, a hematoma may recur following surgery. Your brother may be experiencing difficulty concentrating and memory loss because of the surgery. Please consult a neurologist and let him know about the symptoms
    . Please arrange for a psychotherapist for your brother. He may improve quickly with professional help. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards

  2. My husband has had surgery for subdural hematoma, which was evacuated through two coin-sized openings in the left side of his skull. He is five weeks from surgery, having spent three weeks in hospital rehab. The sites of healing are now bothering him with sensitivity and bothersome feelings that he describes as external. Is this common during healing?

  3. My 22 yr old son just a a craniotomy to remove a subdural hematoma with hemorrhage 2 weeks ago. Now he is having problems with seizures. They have been trying to get his meds under control to stop his seizing while factoring in his heart defect. It’s been a very dificult time. They doctors do not tell as a whole let. I am at a loss of what to expext or what to do for that matter. From a mom who needs educated on how to take care of this.

  4. Can anybody help Andrea with her search for help with seizure problems from a subdural hematoma after a craniotomy?

  5. My father had a subdural hamatoma and a craniotomy was performed. He has had two TIA attacks since after the accident. However, for a year, he complains of having a heat passing from head to toe.

    I have told this to the neurologist, and he says that it could be a nervous weakness. has anyone ever experienced this?

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