Plastic Surgery and Hematomas | Face Lift Complications

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Complications From Plastic Surgery

The complications of cosmetic surgery are many. Hematoma’s can occur in three percent of all facial plastic surgeries.

A tender, raised area filled with fluid can indicate Hematoma even if you can’t see any blood.

If necessary, the doctor can drain a small hematoma with a needle. Large, spreading hematomas require your doctor’s immediate attention in order to prevent tissue damage.

Find the right Surgeon to Prevent a Hematoma after a Face-Lift or Plastic Surgery

We suggest that you find surgeon that can prevent complications of cosmetic surgery:

  • Monitors bleeding during the surgery
  • Uses techniques that make hematoma for­mation very unlikely
  • Some surgeons use a closed-suction drain – a small tube under the skin behind the ear.
  • Ask about the new use of platelet gel, that not only prevent hematomas but reduce bruising and speed healing.

Plastic Surgery Hematoma Video Player

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Worried about complications like hematoma’s when considering  a face-lift?

Many new non-surgical options are now available – maybe try those first?

Learn more about possibility of a Breast Hematoma after Breast Augmentation Now!

Learn more about Post Surgical Hematoma and Treatments for Hematoma

4 Replies to “Plastic Surgery and Hematomas | Face Lift Complications”

    1. I went in for a mid face lift, lower jowls and a brow lift, cut along the side of my face.
      The surgeon aldo decided to do liposuction on my neck while I was under anasthetic, which I was not aware of until I awoke with extreme pain in my throat region, I lost my voice for a week thereafter, plus on the one side I developed apparently during the operation a hematoma on my one side of my cheek, he said he could not drain it as it was hard and I would have to wait another 6 weeks if not more for it to be absorbd back into the system, then he would have to lift skin as the swelling of the hematoma has probably stretched the skin and it will be more saggy than the other side. I must be hones, I am blue, black and pruple as the blood has rund down my cheek to my chin and down my neck from this hematoma. Can this cause tissue damage and what is tissue damage, I am just concerned and feel very down as I am hiding behind scarves and huge sun glasses in summer, will the side of the hematoma ever look normal again. I was thinking of having my breasts enlarged a bit after the face lift, but to be hones, I’m way too afraid in case I get a hematoma there as well, but then at least it is not on your face which is 24/7 for the world to see.

      Unhappy ;((

    2. I have 8 days post Lifesytle Lift and hame a 3cm Length X 1cm in width to my right lateral cheek next ear. Went to the surgeon 5 days post surgery and he attempted to aspirate, already starting to harden and only relieved a little pressure might have got 2cc of darkend blood.

      My concern he did not seem overly concerned but when I started research it says this open happens 3% of the time and can cause tissue damage/

      What can I do to prevent damange to my face. The Facelift (lifestyle lift) appears to have been successful but this hematoma is a major concern!

  1. yes I had a hematoma when I had a particial facelift, on my right temple….I have the swelling feeling and at times I get a headace not all over my head but just on the right side of my temple….and it last for a week then is goes away then it returns. I would like to know what I should do I had this surgery almost 2 years ago???? why am I still have this pain?

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