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Post Surgical Hematoma | Hematoma After Surgery

What is a Post Surgical Hematoma? A Post Surgical Hematoma is a pocket of blood that gathers in a post-surgical site. Often times it is a necessity to drain a hematoma. While it is very undesirable, it is usually non-life threatening. Let’s learn more, but feel free to join the conversation, and add your own experiences with post surgical Hematoma’s. Before completing a procedure, a surgeon makes sure that all bleeding vessels are closed and cauterized before closing a wound. If the cauterization fails, it allows vessels to bleed and create a resevoir of blood surrounding the site of the Continue Reading This Post Surgical Hematoma Post

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Subdural Hematoma Complications

My 49 year old brother with down’s syndrome had evacuation of a subdural hematoma 8 weeks ago. He continues to have periods of extreme weakness and screaming episodes. His follow-up CT is negative for changes. I have heard so many different stories about how long his recovery will take. When he first came home he was functioning better than he is now. Currently, he is unable to take care of any hygiene needs, dress himself or even feed himself. He was able to do all these things before. What expectations should I have regarding his recovery knowing his course will Continue Reading This Post Surgical Hematoma Post

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