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Breast Hematoma | Implants | What To Do After Surgery?

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Many women get a post surgical hematoma in the breast after breast augmentation.

What to Look for After Breast Implants

You may be wondering how to even identify a Hematoma. Where on the breast would it be?

If after surgery, you wake up one morning and your breast suddenly becomes large, hard, tense or tender, it is very possible that have a hematoma in the breast.

It will usually be close to the surgical incision.

What to do Once You Find a Hematoma in the Breast

Don’t panic, but contact your doctor immediately. Your breast hematoma must be drained as soon as possible to avoid capsule contracture. Smaller sized bruises may not require treatment, but larger bruising suggest a breast hematoma, which is an accumulation of blood or blood clot in the area near the implant.

Videos Related To Breast Hematomas

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Best to play it safe. If you have had a breast implant, visit your doctor and show him what you think is your breast hematoma.

Learn more about Hematoma After Plastic Surgery Now!

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Negative Pressure Therapy in Preventing Infection After Surgery in Patients With Colon, Rectal, Pancreatic, or Peritoneal Surface Cancer

Conditions:   Colon Cancer;   Pancreatic Cancer;   Perioperative/Postoperative Complications;   Primary Peritoneal Cavity Cancer;   Rectal CancerInterventions:   Procedure: wound care management;   Procedure: wound care managementSponsors:   Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University;   Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University;   National Cancer Institute (NCI)Recruiting - verified February 2013