Scrotal Hematoma Complications | Living with Scrotal Hematoma

Living With A Testicular Hematoma

Hi 6 months ago I was hit in the testicles by a soccer ball and formed a tennis ball size scrotal hematoma. because there was no circulation blockage to the testicles the doctor told me I should let it heal on its own. He also told me it could take 4-6 months to heal.

Well it has been 6 months and for the past 2 months the hematoma is now the size of a golf ball and I have seen no progress of the testicle getting smaller.  Is it possible I require a surgical removal? or some other form of treatment? Can somebody offer me some advice?

Check out this picture of a scrotal Hematoma.  Now that is a doozy.

Close-up Photo of Scrotal Hematoma
Close-up Photo of Scrotal Hematoma
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Subdural Hematoma Complications

My 49 year old brother with down’s syndrome had evacuation of a subdural hematoma 8 weeks ago. He continues to have periods of extreme weakness and screaming episodes. His follow-up CT is negative for changes. I have heard so many different stories about how long his recovery will take.

When he first came home he was functioning better than he is now. Currently, he is unable to take care of any hygiene needs, dress himself or even feed himself. He was able to do all these things before. What expectations should I have regarding his recovery knowing his course will be different from the average man his age?