Plastic Surgery and Hematomas | Face Lift Complications

Complications From Plastic Surgery

The complications of cosmetic surgery are many. Hematoma’s can occur in three percent of all facial plastic surgeries.

A tender, raised area filled with fluid can indicate Hematoma even if you can’t see any blood.

If necessary, the doctor can drain a small hematoma with a needle. Large, spreading hematomas require your doctor’s immediate attention in order to prevent tissue damage.

Find the right Surgeon to Prevent a Hematoma after a Face-Lift or Plastic Surgery

We suggest that you find surgeon that can prevent complications of cosmetic surgery:

  • Monitors bleeding during the surgery
  • Uses techniques that make hematoma for­mation very unlikely
  • Some surgeons use a closed-suction drain – a small tube under the skin behind the ear.
  • Ask about the new use of platelet gel, that not only prevent hematomas but reduce bruising and speed healing.

Plastic Surgery Hematoma Video Player

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Worried about complications like hematoma’s when considering  a face-lift?

Many new non-surgical options are now available – maybe try those first?

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